About Freebnoe

He grew up in the Low Bottoms, east side Los Angeles (AFCB) in the early 90's. His grandma stayed on the west side of Los Angeles (VNGB) so he made his mark over there too. He found his fortune in the drug trade up and down the west coast and even as far up as Alaska. With help from his brother (Sano) and a few childhood friends they developed a rap group called "Da Herd" and in 2002 released their debut album "Runnin of tha Bulls" 2003 he had son.2004-2006 he released a series of mixtapes "Go Fast" "Go Faster" "Actsellerate Speed" and "Fast Ball" on his own independent label "HERD LIFE FOREVER ENTERTAINMENT" which he still owns and is the CEO today. 2006 he caught a case. They tried to give him 7 life sentences! But with the help of God and family and a whole lot of money to expansive lawyers he took a plea deal for 16 years. Fast forward 14 years, 6 level 4 prisons, 28 contraband cellphones, 5 mixtapes, 40 music videos, and now a full ALBUM. #freebnoe the album. All from a cellphone. A's Awful Studios the studio is awful. He made a way outta no way so respect his movement.