Free Bnoe

2007 Dinky Gambnoe was convicted for shooting another gang member at the same time getting shot himself! The world is crazy. Since then Dinky Gambnoe has traveled all throughout the California Prison system. Up and down the state, level 4 to level 4. Gaining knowledge and experience and is now able to tell his story.

A real blood from L.A.'s most crime infected area "the east side low bottoms" the odds was against him from the start. If anyone knows the struggle knows it wasn't easy but he got it done. So from behind the walls and against all odds Dinky Gambnoe not only gives you excellent quality street/hood/trap/hip hop/rap music to listen to... He also gives you raw and uncut visuals and insight from the belly for the beast. It's amazing. Talent at its rarest form. Dinky Gambnoe is the owner and CEO of "A'S AWFUL STUDIOS" and "HLF ENT. HERD LIFE FOREVER ENTERTAINMENT" He created a brand and a movement with just his brain and a cellphone that has to be accepted and respected.

Everyone has family behind the walls. A brother, a dad, a son. A mother or a sister. Free Them. The movement. Free Bnoe. #freebnoe help him make a positive out of a negative.