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(Artist/writer/performer) Dinky Gambnoe or "B.N.O.E" (Baddest Nigga On Earth) was born "Daniel Leroy Taylor Jr." And was raised by his Grandparents on 54th and Wilton Pl. on the west side of Los Angeles. At an early age he moved with his mother on 42nd and Hooper Ave. The Low Bottoms. He grew up in the Low Bottoms, east side Los Angeles (AFCB) in the early 90's. His grandma stayed on the west side of Los Angeles (VNGB) so he made his mark over there too. At a young age he saw the value in having money. He also saw the hurt of not having it. So he hustled/ cheated and stole to get by. In Jr. High School while playing and joking around with his friends he discovered he actually had a talent in rapping. Exceeding most. He started practicing. And entering every cipher and hip hop showcase across Los Angeles. But he quickly realized talent wasn't enough. He needed capital. To fund his dreams he needed money. He found his fortune in the drug trade up and down the west coast and even as far up as Alaska. With help from his brother (More Sano) and a few childhood friends they were able make a lot of money and developed a rap group called (Da Herd) and in 2002 they released their debut album (Runnin of tha Bulls) They preformed all over Los Angeles. "The Bar Fly" "Congo Room" "The Roxy" "House of Blues" "The Ice House" "Martini Lounge" "Club Blue" and countless others. 2003 as he performed across L.A. and still making "Street Money" he started a family and had a son he named Dylan. 2004 While out on Hollywood Blvd. promoting and passing out CDs with his brother and friends he got into an altercation with a few West Hollywood Sheriff's that resulted in Dinky Gambnoe going to prison for his first time for 2 years. While in prison he rapped on every prison yard. Practicing and sharpening his skills waiting to get out to put his talent on full display. 2006 when he got out he released a series of mixtapes (Go Fast) (Go Faster) (Actsellerate Speed) and (Fast Ball) on his own independent label "HERD LIFE FOREVER ENTERTAINMENT" which he still owns and is the CEO today. At one point "Big City" a popular Los Angeles based producer called him "the next Lil Wayne" B.N.O.E. has preformed with "Kurupt" "Bad Azz" "Snoop Dog" Onyx" "Knockturnal" E40" "Ras Kass" "Lil Flip" "Scarface" "50 Cent" "Xzibit" Missy Elliot" and "Nipsy Hustle RIP"  and a host of others. Then one regretful night on April 11, 2007 he caught a unbelievable, devistating case.

Helping his best friend out almost cost him his life. That night Dinky Gambnoe was shot in his upper body in a shootout that ultimately resulted in 4 people being shot including his best friend. Because of "Street Rules" Dinky Gambnoe's version of events will never be told. The only story in court was told by the dectivies. They tried to give Dinky Gambnoe and his best friend 7 life sentences plus 177 years! (California Prison System needs adjustments) But with the help of God and family and a whole lot of money to expansive lawyers he took a plea deal for 16 years. Fast forward 14 years, 6 level 4 prisons, 28 contraband cellphones, 5 mixtapes (Aviation Boys) (Armed & Dangerous) (April Fools Day) (Tha Deuce Day) and (Triple Up), 40 music videos, tons of never seen restricted footage! And now a full ALBUM. B.N.O.E. is the truth! #freebnoe the album. Dinky Gambnoe spent 14 years practicing and writing and perfecting his skill and is now ready to display his progress to the world. All from a cellphone. All from the mind of an extremely motivated and self thought, trail and error, against all odds black prisoner. This man found a way out of no way and will be released from prison in 2022. A's. Awful Studios® is just from his cellphone. It's just an application. The studio is awful. The #freebnoe album was put together will all intents to send listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. Dinky Gambnoe gives insight on daily struggles of prison. The loss of family while in prison along with a high motivation for life and freedom. His street style and unique voice patterns are on full display on #3. Lifer. He gets deep and gives you, the listener a full walk in his shoes from the streets of L.A. to Corcoran State Prison. And #10. Momma Ft. More Sano Dinky Gambnoe and his brother (More Sano) talk about their mother and how the love for her and family is what's gave him the strength to make it in prison for so many years. Then #8. Motivation he talks about the love of his life (Irene) and how she motivates him to be great. It's reggaeton on there #5. Ft. Monk3 and it's full of punch lines that every hip hop head will love. Dinky Gambnoe is the only rapper to put a full independent album out from prison from a cellphone. You have to respect that alone. The Late Great Nipsy Hustle had a blueprint on how to eat independently with your music on the streets of Los Angeles. I'm 100% if he was put in Dinky Gambnoe's position.

respect that alone. The Late Great Nipsy Hustle had a blueprint on how to eat independently with your music on the streets of Los Angeles. I'm 100% if he was put in Dinky Gambnoe's position... Prison and all he woulda found a way and did the exact same thing. He's just doing Nipsy from prison. #FREEBNOE THA ALBUM (hard copies~ album/mixtapes) (Digital downloads~ album/mixtapes) Merchandise and more available at Freebnoe.com

April Fools Day (mixtape) https://m.soundcloud.com/gambnoe/sets/april-fools-day.

Tha Deuce Day [mixtape] https://mobile.datpiff.com/mixtape/952892

Triple Up (mixtape) https://mobile.datpiff.com/mixtape/966318

Aviation Boys (mixtape) https://mobile.datpiff.com/mixtape/813739

Dinky Gambnoe/YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHN9-7hyfyGkYA7UWz6KLEQ

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